7 Tips to Maximize Success on Your First Juice Cleanse.

Updated: May 14, 2019

New to juicing? Here are some insider secrets to help you slay your first cleanse.

Let's do this!

We hope you are as excited as we are to renew this season, together in community!  As a collective, we will break the cycle of cravings, rest and heal our stomachs, cleanse the liver, reduce appetite, eliminate harmful foods and best of all fuel our bodies with loads and loads of phytonutrients and enzymes!


We all have our own goals and motivators for dedicating 1 day each week this month to healing our bodies and living our best health!

A few tips from the Green Farm to maximize your experience:

Before your 1st cleanse, evaluate the following and if any of these areas are missing in your life, perhaps use this time to find a way to bring it back to balance!

Establish a morning routine and ritual…this includes rising at the same time daily (even weekends!) and doing the exact same thing each and every morning!  A healthy morning may include rising at 6:00am, begin oil pulling (we can help you with an Ayurvedic oral health care routine at the Green Farm!), brush teeth and tongue scrape.  Next try nourishing your body with warm lemon water (if you’re feeling frisky you can add a dash of cayenne!)  After the lemon water comes the first green juice of the day. At the Green Farm, we recommend our celery juice, Sun Sal!  The body should be trained to eliminate in the morning, as close to rising as possible!  Your body works hard digesting your food all night and preparing your body to discard waste!

Incorporating meditation and pranayama exercises into your morning routine will bring you more benefits than ever imagined!

Omit snacking all together!  Aim for three meals daily, the biggest during lunch when the sun and digestive system are strongest!

Sip on something warm all day long!  This habit can be comforting as well as a mindful practice and comfort to the digestive system.  At the Green Farm, we make daily Ayurveda Tea (Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cloves, Turmeric & Ginger) and warm Ginger Tea!

Aim to make each meal plant based, organic and proportioned.

Omit or reduce eating out (Except Green Farm of course!).  Restaurants, even healthful ones, add salt and oils to the food.  If you do eat out, be very specific as to how to cook and prepare the meal you order!  Be your own advocate!

Go to bed at the same time every night!  Just as we have morning ritual, the same applies to the hours leading up to bed.  Ayurveda teaching recommends a 10:00pm bedtime.  Our bodies heal and digest between the hours of 10:00pm and 2:00am (Pitta hours).  Sleep is just as, if not more important than diet!  If you are a night owl, the way to start easing into change is to force yourself up earlier!  You will organically be tired in the evening and using routine and discipline, create an evening routine and make bed time just as a mindful as the effort you put into rising!

Mindfulness practices after the cleanse:

Eating mindlessly is harmful to our body, mind, spirit.  In Ayurveda, the digestive fire is call Agni. Ayurveda has taught for thousands of years what science is now catching up to; our immune systems are in our guts.  How we digest…EVERYTHING, food, thoughts and emotions determines our state of health.  That fire, Agni, should always burn, we fuel that fire with healthy, alkalizing foods.  We diminish that fire snacking between meals and consuming too many acidic foods.  

Juice is one of the highest of alkaline properties we can consume!  We will spend each week over the next month alkalizing our bodies and fueling the Agni in our bellies!  The digestive teas also aid in fueling the Agni.

This is very important!  The days following each cleanse, do not overeat!  The goal is not to make up for lost calories…resume your routine and diet with mindfulness and purpose!

We also suggest journaling your experience, notice changes and improvements in your internal health, skin, weight, energy levels, hormone management, inflammation…you may find this is the beginning of a new life habit!

Peace. Love. Juice.  ~ Amanda & Mara

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