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Guide to Juicing

Everyone is unique and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to juicing!
The following is a 
list of ways you can use Green Farm’s juices to fuel your body and enhance your health:

Drink your vitamins!  Start your day, by drinking one of Green Farm’s organic, raw, cold-
pressed juices on an empty stomach! This will allow your body to best absorb the raw, living

enzymes and phytonutrients of the fruits and vegetables in the juice.

Use Green Farm’s Juice as a meal replacement. As we age, our metabolism slows and we need
to eat less. Omitting a meal each day and supplementing with a juice or plant milk is the perfect
way to control caloric intake.

Intermittent fasting. Juice is an excellent intermittent fasting tool. Drink two to three of
Green Farm’s juices throughout the day and eat a colorful, healthful dinner to end your fast.
Try to incorporate intermittent fasting three to four days a week for optimal results.

Fuel your workout. Green Farm’s Soul Fuel is the perfect pre-cardio workout juice and Power
Milk is the perfect post-workout milk! Power Milk is packed with protein and blue-green algae,
supporting muscle recovery.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Juice cleansing is a great way to give your digestive system rest.
Consistent and regular juice cleansing has many benefits including:
Weight Loss - Stronger Digestion - Improved Immunity - More Energy - Improved
Complexion - Increased Mental Clarity - Decreased Sugar Cravings - Reduced Inflammation.

Green Farm offers one-, two-, and three-day juice cleanses. Try to incorporate
regular cleansing into your weekly or monthly routine.

Why Green Farm’s juices? At Green Farm, we never compromise on quality. All of our
juices are organic, raw, and cold-pressed and each bottle is packed with up to 4 lbs of
organic produce.

Be an informed consumer and insist on only organic, raw, and cold-pressed juices!

Why Organic? With juicing we are trying to detoxify and rid our bodies of toxins, by
drinking non-organic juice you are consuming toxins and pesticides.

Why Raw? Raw means non-pasteurized. Once juice has been pasteurized all of the
beneficial living enzymes and phytonutrients have been destroyed. All juices purchased in
supermarkets have been pasteurized, either by heat or high-pressure pasteurization
(HPP) which allows retailers to extend the life of these juices by over 30 days. Green
Farm’s juices are raw and only have a five to six day shelf life, ensuring that maximum
nutritional benefit.

Why Cold-Pressed? Cold-pressing is a juicing process that utilizes thousands of pounds

of pressure to extract the juice. The slow pressing process ensures every bit of nutrient-
dense juice is extracted and unharmed, with all live enzymes intact.


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