Performance & Recovery Pack

Designed specifically for athletes, this pack helps maximize energy and endurance during your workout and also aids in post-workout recovery. Here is what is included:

1) 1 Soul Fuel (i.e., our beet-based juice) to be consumed pre-workout. Studies show that beet juice improves muscle power and increases lung function and stamina when consumed before a workout. Packed with potassium, B-complex vitamins (i.e., B3, B5, and B6), carotenoids, iron, manganese, and magnesium, this powerhouse juice will increase the velocity of your muscles during your workout.

2) 1 Workout Recovery Water to be consumed during your workout or post-workout. This coconut water/Blue Majik based beverage is packed with electrolytes and aids in hydration, energy and endurance, joint support, and reduction of inflammation.

3) 1 Performance Superfood Shake to be consumed post-workout. This smoothie contains all the essential building blocks to regenerate muscle tissue, including healthy fats, protein, fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamins A&C, antioxidants, and adaptogens


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Fresh, organic, cold-pressed juice in Cincinnati.

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                              Our story begins with love...


Our personal journey towards health and well-being began after we both lost our mothers too young from debilitating diseases. As we cared for and loved our moms as their bodies failed them, the connection between food & spirituality and how influential they are to our overall state of health became this profound truth we could not ignore.

   Watching documentaries and reading every book and article that centered on health became our obsession. We would take long walks sharing our favorite health bloggers and recipes and along the way, we discovered juicing! Cold-pressed juices use up to 4 lbs. of vegetables and fruits condensed to a single bottle and more than all the phytonutrients and enzymes that nourish our bodies! Juicing became a love, but it requires patience and a lot of work! The more juice we drank, the better we felt and our bodies craved even more! So, on one of those long walks, we determined that we needed to create a space in our community to share the juice!

   Amanda studied and trained as a yoga teacher with an emphasis on Ayurveda while Mara pursued her study in nutrition. Yoga is very much the backbone of everything we do and along with Ayurveda, it is our favorite thing to talk about (and green juice of course!!). Amanda is a certified Ayurvedic Health Coach through the Chopra Center. You will see the Ayurveda influence in every recipe and self-care regime we sell or promote!

   We invite all of our friends at the Green Farm Juicery to join us on this never-ending quest to discover how we can live our best health!

Mara & Amanda